What Does 200 Calories Look Like? By Elephant Journal

“What 200 calories looks like in various foods.” {Photos}

Via on Feb 17, 2013

200 calories food


It’s not, fundamentally, about calories. It’s about wellness. It’s about self-nurturing.

Not all of this is fully accurate, or important. But it’s all illuminating: (I’ll take an apple, please)

First, let us all acknowledge “that calories are not the sole measure for the health value of food.” Nutritional benefit in milk, for example, well exceeds that of Coke.

Just about every one of the below blows my mind and doesn’t surprise me, much, simultaneously.

Except for the small pile of Doritos. Those just blew my mind:

“Did you know that 200 calories equates to 588 grams of broccoli but a mere 51 grams of gummy bears? Find out more interesting facts like this in this insightful infographic.”

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